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Thoughtful purchase

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A thoughtful purchase is a purchase for which the act is preceded by a period of reflection on the part of the individual, during which he retrieves information and sorting and select products. This choice is called rational because is made after personal deliberation about the usefulness and profitability of the purchased product.

Issues using the marketing concept

Analysis of the purchase helps guide the client to a specific product while leaving her free will. Thoughtful purchase is a specific type of purchase more common for purchases of investments considered by the consumer. Thoughtful purchase opposes impulse buying.

Nature of the thoughtful purchase

During the purchasing process, the client may tend to follow the following steps:

  • Recognize the problem (evaluating the difference between a current state and an ideal one)
  • Search for information about the product (based on risk, involvement, expertise, sources of customer)
  • Evaluate the alternatives purchase according to their complexity and the available time
    • It must establish a categorization
    • and prioritization.
  • Rate the product after purchase (the seller must ensure the quality, promises, and reassure strengths).

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