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Three-card Monte

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Joseph_Faverot_-_PrestidigitationThree-card Monte is a gambling game, a scam, played on the sly in the markets and in public places. It is practiced at least since the fourteenth century, and it is still played in many countries.

It is called Kümmelblättchen in German, Find the Lady in British English, Gioco delle tre carte in Italian and Three Card Mont in English in the United States, with its Lithuanian layer trijų kortų monte, Komar on Arabic Maghreb, טריק שלושת הקלפים in modern Hebrew.

In his book The Cheating Greeks unveiled, Art to win every game, Jean -Eugène Robert -Houdin makes a description of this deception, without giving him a name. He shows that this game is not in the public square, and mentions a dice game (thimble game) of the same type, practiced in England by punters (gamblers).

On the same principle, but with manipulation techniques somewhat different, we sometimes encounter “games” of finding a ball in three cups or a bean in three shells. This form, which already appears in the Jérôme Bosch’s The Trickster, was taken over by the magic. The medieval conjurers employed for this small cork ball called nutmeg.

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