English Romanian French Translation, Localization

  • Translations accurately and keeping the spirit of the original document and cultural meaning to and from English, Romanian and French
  • Technical, multimedia, websites, advertising and business software localization
  • Including the translation in the same format as the original, or another format upon request
  • The entire process of editing, printing and processing of the translated materials
  • Specific CAT programs

We offer high quality translation services at competitive prices. You will receive a reliable and efficient service from translators of Romanian origin, residing in Romania. Proofreading is included in the price. We have experience in translation and we have access to resources and contacts worldwide. We use the most modern equipment and software translation. Trados, Transit, IBM Translation Manager, are some of the tools we can use. 500,000 words translate on average each year.


Certified translators into/from English – Romanian – French

The purpose of a professional translator is to capture the exact meaning of the source text without compromising the integrity of the author’s style in expressing ideas. In today’s rapidly changing world, good translators must be careful to adapt modern phrases and ideas that fit in translations. We will explain any cultural reference where possible and necessary.


Software, applications, games, and websites localization

By localization we adapt software to operate in a foreign market without compromising functionality or effectiveness. We developed an intelligent software process that ensures the quality and efficiency of translation. We will pay special attention to issues of cultural sensitivity. We will work closely with the customer to create a database of your company’s specific terms


Professional equipment, media and multimedia, CAT (Trados)

We are specialists in project management, translations, proofreading, engineering, DTP, QA. Efficient communication: speed Internet connection, e-mail server, FTP server. High-tech computerized equipment: local area network, last generation computers, backup and archiving systems. Specialized software: Computer Aided Translation (CAT) utilities, software for DTP and graphics, WWW editors.



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