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Types of software

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box-149481Computer programs can be used for a range of activities, making it easier to work everyday. They facilitate working with large amounts of data, simplify the processing and transfer of information, allowing quick combination of different kinds of information (text, images, sounds, animations), and take a series of repetitive tasks.

The main categories of software and their use are summarized in the table below.

Type of software Utility
Operating Systems – Basic software packages
– Essential for the computer functioning
– The interface between the computer and the user, and between computers and applications used .
Office packages – Package of applications that help the user in performing common tasks related to office work
– Includes: text editors, spreadsheet programs, presentation, database, calendar.
Text editors – Writing letters and other documents
Spreadsheets – Working with tables in general, and in particular data tables
Databases – Management of large collections of data, such as information to track population
Presentations – Create presentations that can be printed or designed to help support lectures , speeches, etc.
Diaries – Replace traditional agendas,
– Data recording and organizing contacts, appointments / meetings , tasks to be carried
Email – Receiving and viewing emails,
– Composing and sending new messages,
– Organize messages
Internet browser – Surfing the Internet
Graphics – Creation, scanning, modifying and correcting images

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