Web design, online store (WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop)

  • Web sites for public institutions, NGOs, funded projects, industry, commerce, finance, automotive, tourism, etc.
  • e-Commerce selling products on the Internet, online and offline payment
  • Dynamic and elegant, responsive web sites, compliant with the tablets and mobile phones
  • Automation, integration with social networks
  • Repair, modification, upgrade, maintenance and web hosting on the best servers

Be it personalization, navigation or content structure, our understanding of the dynamics of the Internet means the web sites we design will not only be visually satisfying, involving and at the cutting edge of digital design, but also efficient, well branded, informative and involving. We are also dedicated to producing truly unique and innovative web sites for our clients that are not only affordable, but to provide ongoing customer service and support when it is needed.


Professional development of your business on the Internet

We offer web design, development and maintenance services for professional websites. We develop websites from the presentation to multipurpose web portals and online stores. We have a lot of resources, and the needed technical and business expertise to develop web sites of any complexity. We offer complete solutions development based on the latest technologies and trends.


WordPress web sites, optimized and easily manageable

The major advantage of a WordPress website is the ease of management, and it can be managed including by the non-specialists. Whether you need a company website presentation, an online catalog for products and services, a blog or an online store to use cash, bank transfer, credit card or PayPal payment, WordPress is the ideal platform if you want to take total control of the site after development.

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Joomla-based complex and elegant websites

With our expertise in usability obtained including from Joomla projects for years, of business analysis including market research, of possible ways to architectures and visual information, we can get the most of your business capabilities and apply appropriate tools and methods to ensure a clear, intuitive, easy to navigate, interactive and effective website.


Online shop with card, bank transfer or cash payment

Your online presence offers undeniable benefits for your business. There is a “competitive disadvantage” unless your clients can find you, to make comparisons with other products and to order online. We have experience in developing solutions for a wide variety of products: consumer goods, downloadable content on the Internet, and media distribution, product order, business services, relationships with customers, etc.


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