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White hat and Black hat techniques in SEO. Selection of keywords


White hat and Black hat techniques

SEO is handled in different ways, including qualified “white hat” and “black hat”. The base of white hat SEO is to create quality content that will be relevant to the user. The base of the black hat is to use all available means, even run the risk of being removed from Google’s index or another search engine site.

Some white hat is technics use to optimize the pages using relevant keywords and “link-building”, that is to say, to create quality content on various blogs or directories to get a “backlink”. In terms of white hat, Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide is a good source of information.

Some technical black hat include buy links in bulk or to hide text by making it the same color as the background or giving a transparent attribute.

However, some webmasters can not be categorized so as frank. While most effectively fulfill the rules of “white hat” for most of their work, it is common to see certain “black hat” practices be used in a complementary manner. These “gray hat”, located between white and black, maximize the effectiveness of SEO by using banned moderation techniques. The difficulty with this approach is to limit the intensity of use enough “black hat” processes for not being de-indexed by search engines, while drawing maximum profit. Unlike the “black hat”, the “gray hat” minimizes risk while showing greater SEO performance.

The selection of keywords

Before beginning an optimization work for SEO, be it “white hat” or “black hat”, the essential pre-phase is the identification and selection of keywords. Indeed, there is no use to point on a keyword that is not directly related to your business, or if you have a low probability of converting traffic, or if you have no chance to position your site the first results.

To select your keywords, several tools from Google are interesting tool keyword suggestion offered by Google Adwords and search suggestions listed directly below the natural search engine results.

So you will rank your keywords based on three criteria: the potential volume of traffic, estimated conversion rate, and the competitiveness of the keyword. And you can make out two or three groups of keywords according to their difficulty and select in each group those with the greatest potential in relation to your activity.

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