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Technical Translation Services

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I have accumulated extensive experience in the translation of complex documents which deal with diverse technological areas such as:

  • Mechanical and production engineering

  • Chemical engineering

  • Electrical and electronic engineering

  • Aerospace technology

  • Medical technology

  • Legal

  • Financial, banking

  • Information technology

  • Marine technology

  • Environmental research

  • Military technology

In addition to the broad areas shown above, my translation experience extends across a wide spectrum of documents including:

  • Scientific and engineering documents, articles from scientific and engineering journals

  • Resource, help, and documentation files

  • Marketing, sales and advertising brochures

  • Technical standards, work methods, and technical reports

  • Patents and patent litigation documents

  • Business proposals and financial statements

  • Contracts, civil complaints, and various other legal documents

  • Textbooks, handbooks, service and repair manuals

  • Certificates (birth, marriage, school, university, education etc.)

  • Websites

  • Speeches

…and yes, I also translate documents such as personal letters, ancestral literature, family legal documents and other requests.

In my current environment, I am constantly being confronted with new technologies for which terminologies are still developing. As a result, I spend a considerable amount of time to find the correct vocabulary by using various resources, including the Internet and subject matter experts.

Technical Documentation

  • All kinds of technical translations:

    • user and service manuals

    • catalogs

    • technical specifications

    • product information

    • supplementary materials

  • Proofreading of each text for language and content verification

  • Terminology consulted with experts and specialists in respective fields

  • Computer aided translation tools

  • DTP and prepress services

  • Preparation of ready to distribute publications/CD-ROMs

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