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Word Processing Services

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Word Processing

  • Creating optimized content (articles, etc..)
  • Development and distribution of corporate news and press releases, viral posts on social networks
  • Desktop publishing for books, leaflets and printed publications in specific formats
  • Secretarial services, word processing, management of e-mail messages
  • Printing and scanning, data entry
  • Online publications, radio and television

Basic services such as transcription (micro, standard, sound files), typing manuals and manuscripts, and straight typing, compiling PowerPoint and Portable Document Format (PDF) presentations from your notes, and proofreading. Completed documents can be sent to you via e-mail attachment, uploaded on a protected FTP Server or Web Site, faxed, downloaded onto a diskette, or on a CD.

The quickest way to reach me is via email. For questions regarding services, or to get an estimate on pricing, please send an e-mail with as much detail as possible.

Price subject to change based on level of difficulty.

Media & Writing Services:

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